TD Summer Reading Club: Dino Egg Challenge

Looking for new ways to practice your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills this summer? 

Our TD Summer Reading Club team is helping you focus on science and math skills this summer with some fun and engaging activities! This post is part of a blog series you can check out, here.

How to take part in the Dino Egg Challenge

  1. Register for the Summer Reading Club. (Sign up online now, it's simple!)
  2. Reach your halfway points goal.
  3. Pick up your dinosaur grow egg prize at your local branch.
  4. Pick up the printable Dino Egg activity sheet while you’re there—or print one at home via the link below.
  5. Use the activity sheet to record your observations and hypotheses (a hypthesis is an idea you want to prove!)
  6. Submit a picture of your completed worksheet via email to or drop it off in branch.
  7. Your name will be entered into a draw to win one of our Dinosaur Dig Activity Kits (pictured above). Winners will be contacted directly in Fall 2022.

Download and print the Dino Challenge activity sheet

No printer? No problem! Visit us in-branch to grab your copy.

Download: Dinosaur Egg Observation Sheet (PDF)