Roots to the Past:
Canadian Naval Centennial

Canadian Naval CentennialThe Canadian government approved the Naval Service Act on May, 4 1910. From its humble beginnings to its current humanitarian aid in Haiti,  the Royal Canadian Navy has left a permanent mark  on the Halifax region and on the lives who both serve and support the Forces.  Discover the Canadian Royal Navy’s 100 year history with these resources from Halifax Public Libraries.

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Ships of the Royal Canadian Navy and visiting international warships were popular images on 20th century postcards.  So, too, were images of the Sailors Memorial, Admiralty House, HMC Dockyard and the War Memorial in the Grand Parade. And who could forget that iconic tourist symbol,  the 19th century naval sailor, the Jolly Tar?  All became popular reminders of  both the British and Canadian Navies’ centuries-long presence in the Halifax region.


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