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October 2014

Holocaust/WWII Novels and a Movie - Review by Gina, Teen Blogger

Posted on 28-Oct-14 15:10
It seems that once in a while, we imagine what it’s like to live during a war. By doing so, we realize how blessed we are to be living in a war-free country. It hasn’t even been a century since the most recent war has ended when our grandparents experienced the turmoil themselves. The most respectable thing we can do to honour those who served for the peace of this country is to remember their service and be grateful. I’ve sorted out some literature related to World War II and the Holocaust. There are hundreds of remarkable English books related to this topic, in other languages even more, but I’ll be introducing a few books that I have read.
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Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgal – Review by Rebecca, Teen Blogger

Posted on 28-Oct-14 14:09
Summary: Anya’s family has moved to the States from Russia and she’s a socially awkward teenage girl facing the everyday challenges of high school with her best friend, Siobhan. Between avoiding her nerdy childhood friend, Dima and trying to win over the guy of her dreams, she was hardly expecting to fall down a well one day and meet a hundred-year-old ghost!
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Undercurrent by Paul Blackwell – Review by Gina, Teen Blogger

Posted on 23-Oct-14 15:03
Callum survives a plummet over a waterfall in his neighborhood, but when he wakes up, his world is no longer the world he knows any more. Everything is twisted. He struggles to get used to what he doesn’t know and who he used to be. There are so many questions to answer and solutions to find.
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The Hunger Games Books and Films - Review by Ashlee, Staff Blogger

Posted on 21-Oct-14 13:41
Thanks in part to a very successful movie adaptation, I’m sure you’ve heard of this dystopian novel in which children are forced to fight to the death in a televised gladiatorial arena. Some have even called it the “next Harry Potter,” so I was very excited to read this first book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. For me, at least, while the book is quite entertaining and certainly addicting (I literally couldn’t stop reading and had it finished in a day), it’s not as special as I would have hoped. Certainly no Harry Potter, at least for me, largely because I wish the author had paid more attention to the world-building and characterizations. I was pretty disappointed that with all this new technology, what the game-makers chose for the arena was essentially a glorified forest. I wanted something more exciting, like that barren wasteland mentioned where everyone either froze or starved to death in a few days. Good luck hiding in trees there, Katniss! Speaking of Katniss Everdeen...
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Wereduck by Dave Atkinson – Interview by Julia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 17-Oct-14 08:01
I first met Dave at Word on the Street where our local library was hosting author readings and holding Q&A sessions. I discovered not only does this new author have witty comebacks and a good sense of humour, he is a good natured man. Yet as soon as I read the title to his book, I knew I had to read it to see what it was about. Imagine picking up a book with a duck on the cover with the title in a bold red: Wereduck. Any sane person would take a double take...
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The Road by Cormac McCarthy – Review by Saul, Teen Blogger

Posted on 16-Oct-14 15:17
Summary: A man and his son venture along a road in a post-apocalyptic land. This is a grim story that takes a look at the strength of human spirit in a world that has no hope or happiness.
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Jeremy Stone by Lesley Choyce - Teaser by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 08-Oct-14 08:31
I first noticed the book, Jeremy Stone, by author, Lesley Choyce because of Word On The Street, where Lesley Choyce read an exerpt on the Vibrant Voices Stage on the Halifax waterfront. I was intrigued by the story and by Lesley's comments on various parts of the story, so I put this book on my reading list.
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