Home Delivery Service FAQ

Are you wondering whether or not Home Delivery Service is right for you? The following questions and answers may help you decide.

Are only wheelchair users eligible?
Not at all. Anyone with a disability that prevents them from using a branch regularly may apply. Disabilities may include a visual disability, severe arthritis, a heart condition that prevents the client from carrying materials, or caregiver responsibilities.

But it’s just for senior citizens, right?
Home Delivery Service is not limited by age.

Do I have to provide a doctor’s certificate?
No certificate is needed. However, resources are limited, so we can’t offer Home Delivery to everyone; it’s meant for those who otherwise would not be able to enjoy library services.

Can I join temporarily, while I recover from an operation?
Yes, you can join for as little as three months.  Some clients sign up for the winter, but use branches in the summer when it’s easier to get around. 

Can you deliver my material right away?
Deliveries go out every three weeks. Those who register early in the cycle may experience a waiting period. Some Home Delivery outlets are able to accept new clients immediately. Due to increased demand, others have had to set up waiting lists. Staff can take your application immediately, and will activate your service as soon as possible.

Can you just select books for me? My friend can pick them up.
If you are a registered Home Delivery client, we are happy to select materials for pickup by personal volunteers at the branch of your choice. We will check them out in advance. In order to plan our selection time, we will assign you a regular pickup day.

What if my books become overdue, or even lost?
Home Delivery Service clients are not charged overdue fines. However, you are responsible for the materials you borrow. Replacement costs are charged for lost or damaged materials, and service may be suspended to anyone with outstanding charges.

How much does it cost?
Home Delivery is a free service

Why can’t I get Home Delivery Service where I live?
Home Delivery is available to several Halifax communities and other areas may be added as resources allow. But don’t feel you have to wait - call us now. We may be able to send materials to your nearest branch for pickup by someone you designate (a personal volunteer), or Borrow by Mail may be an option.

Is it true that the library keeps a record of everything I have borrowed?
To avoid sending duplicates, items are checked against a list of previously-borrowed material. Only library staff can see this list. You may request that the library not maintain this file.