Book Club Kits

Book Club Kits

Let us be the new star member of your book club.

Halifax Public Libraries' Book Club Kits are intended to make it easier for book clubs to borrow multiple copies of a single title.

We know it can be hard for all your book club members to get a hold of the same book, at the same time. Scheduling a meeting is hard enough!

What do kits include?

We currently have over 140 different, free Book Club Kits featuring new and popular adult titles. Check out our full list here.

  • Each kit contains 8-10 copies of the book.
  • Each kit includes a folder of author and book information, discussion questions (as available), and sign-out sheets.

How it works

Once you browse our list of titles, please contact us using the provided request form with the following information:

  • The title of the kit you would like to borrow
  • Your library card number
  • The preferred date you would like to pick up your kit
  • The branch where you would like to pick up your kit
  • Additional titles (in case your first pick is not available)

After your kit is requested:

  • One book club member will need to sign out the kit with their library card. This cardholder is responsible for the contents of the kit.
  • The kit will be signed out for 6 weeks. Kits cannot be renewed.
  • The following lost item fees apply to Book Club Kits:
    • Lost fees: Books: $8 each; Nylon Bag: $20; Entire kit: $50
  • Click here for more information on borrowing items from the Library.
  • Kits must be returned in full to a Library service desk. Kits cannot be returned in book drops or to other (non Halifax Public Libraries) libraries.

Enjoy sharing your read and the conversation that follows, on us!

Keen on a virtual book club?

Maybe you can't get together with your book club buddies, but you want to have a virtual meeting. Check out our blog post on running a virtual book club, which includes suggestions on how to find digital library books that everyone can read at the same time.


Contact us about your Book Club Kit requests or loans.

Generally, we create these kits using surplus copies of popular titles, so we are not taking recommendations for new titles at this time. It’s a creative way of using books we have already purchased.

Available But Not Holdable:

When looking at our book club kit collection, you may come across the phrase “Available But Not Holdable“. This phrase is used for titles which have copies that are checked-in, but which cannot be requested by the usual methods and, as mentioned above, book club kits must be requested via our website’s Book Club Kit Request form.

Once you select a kit via the Request Form, designated library staff will check to see if any other borrowers have previously requested the title for the date you have selected. If there is no conflict, then a request will be placed for you on the kit with your preferred date.

In short - Although a kit may appear as “available” (aka checked-in) today, it could be scheduled to fill a request by another customer in the near future, making it unavailable to borrow right away.

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