Teen Volunteer Art Feature: Jood

Written by Jood, Teen Volunteer
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This summer, our Creative Doers volunteers created art to be displayed in our Libraries. In this series of blog posts, they present their artwork that will be featured in the teen areas at  Halifax Central Library and Keshen Goodman Library until the end of November. Jood's piece is at Central Library.

This painting is an art appropriation of J. Howard Miller’s We Can Do It, opens a new window poster from World War II, made to boost female worker morale. 

The model is Stephanie Kurlow, opens a new window, the first hijabi ballerina! Stephanie had originally quit ballet as nobody offered lessons catering to her beliefs about wearing hijab. Her mother then decided to open a performing arts academy in 2012 after being inspired by her own daughter’s dream. Stephanie is an ambassador for Remove Hate From The Debate, opens a new window and has plans to own a dance school of her own for youth of all backgrounds. 

The style of the painting is inspired by the great, Malika Favre., opens a new window Malika’s unique illustrations are a blend of Pop and Op art. Not only are they created in such a beautiful way, they always have a meaning behind them, even the colours alone inspire you immediately. 

I'm greatly inspired by both Malika Favre and Stephanie Kurlow’s work. If you would like to learn more about them, you can check out my blog post, opens a new window.

They both show the beauty everyone has within them and the goals we can all achieve, no matter how big or small they seem. 

About the writer

My name is Jood Shikara and I’m 15 years old. I'm currently in COVID-19 quarantine just like you. I have a dwarf hamster named Sesame who lives luxuriously. My life these days tend to centre around him and I am not mad about it! I’ve always thought learning was really fun but I like learning specifically about things that they don't teach you in school, like how to take care of a hamster! I love trying and learning about different styles of art because I want to channel my creativity in new and interesting ways.