Kick-Start Creativity: Crafting with Apples

Written by Sandra, staff member, Keshen Goodman Public Library 

September means many things: cooler weather, back to school, sweaters, and visits to the apple orchard. Kick-start your creativity with simple crafts using freshly picked apples, and, afterwards, carefully wash and peel the apples to enjoy a healthy, delicious snack!

For my crafts, I used non-toxic paints to stamp brown paper grocery bags and cardstock to create wrapping paper and greeting cards. Your imagination might lead you in another direction! 

What you'll need

  • Apples
  • Non-toxic paint in a variety of colours
  • Bamboo skewer
  • Knife
  • Paper—paper bags or cardstock are great options

Make wrapping paper

Step 1

Cut the grocery bag into a flat rectangle. I painted the inside of the bag, and chose fall colours to celebrate the coming of the changing leaves.

Step 2

Poked a bamboo skewer into the whole apple on two sides. Then, dip your apple in some paint and use the skewers to roll the apple on your paper, creating cool stripes of colour or other designs, as you wish.  

Step 3

After you apply paint, pull the skewers out of the apple. I used one end of the skewer to lightly add some gold paint for shine, creating some beautiful wrapping paper for that special someone.

Make cards

Step 1

Use a sharp knife to cut an apple in half.  

Step 2

Stamp the cut side of the apple into some paint and create shapes on your paper.  

Step 3

Once the paint dries, you can add personalized messages with marker and glue your design on some cardstock.  

Gifts for all

Some lucky person will get a lovely homemade gift and card from me! Then, I grabbed some peanut butter, carefully cleaned and peeled my apple, and had a great snack. Share what you've created using the hashtag #KickstartCreativityHfX.