Networking 101: Building Business Relationships

Written by Guest Blogger Floria Aghdamimehr. Floria has presented at Central Library's Small Business Café on this topic.

I have always said, life is all about relationships. Business is no different, and trust is the cornerstone for strong relationships. 

Whether you have your own business, or work in an organization, this applies to your team, colleagues, customers, and vendors.

People often comment about my networking capabilities, to which I respond “I don’t even network.” I attend many events around town, however, I don’t go to these events to "network." I go because I enjoy the time. I like to see friends new or old, connect with likeminded people, learn, and always have fun. (Those who know me, know I don’t do anything if I am not having fun!)

Secrets to success

When others ask for secrets to my success, I suggest that they be genuine, authentic, and focus in on helping others. Most people go to networking events to make a sale rather than to help someone, learn, or have fun. 

I also suggest to ask more questions instead of talking endlessly about themselves, their product, or service. You never know how—or when—strong, trusting relationships can help you!

  • Be sincere and look for ways to connect and build a rapport to establish trust.
  • Be aware and welcoming. Look for opportunities to invite someone into the conversation.
  • Don’t approach someone if they are walking towards the restroom!
  • Approach someone who is standing on their own, or seems new.This will help make them feel included and relaxed. 

People don’t remember what you do, or what you sell…but they will remember how you made them feel.

About Floria Aghdamimehr

Floria Aghdamimehr, specializes in leadership, and building trust for positive workplace culture to intensify productivity.

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