Teen Volunteer Art Feature: Theertha & Sally

Written by Theertha and Sally, Teen Volunteers
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This fall, our Creative Doers volunteers created art to be displayed in our Libraries. Their artwork will be featured in the teen area at Central Library until the end of February.

We chose to do a digital collage because we couldn’t easily work together in person because of the ongoing pandemic. So, we each created half that would fit together. We came up with the idea, drafted the first copy, and then created a final copy with added background collage. 

The meaning

We thought that the girls are friends but that their friendship is strained. The left side presents a girl who seems upset with darker colours while the right shows a happier girl with some brighter colours.

Creating the art

To start, we used the app Goodnotes 5, opens a new window. This app allowed us to draw, colour and sketch on a tablet. We also used reference pictures from the internet to guide us with what we were drawing. We also used styluses, like the Apple Pencil, opens a new window, to draw and create the collage.

First draft


Finished artwork

About the writers

Theertha Madhi is a high school student with future goals of becoming a paediatrician. She enjoys spending her time with family and friends and has been playing piano for more than 8 years.

My name is Sally and I am 16 years old. This year I will be in grade 11. My hobbies include reading, playing violin, and of course, writing stories. It has become one of my favourite hobbies over the past year.