What are the recommended Web browsers for use with the catalogue?

For Windows: Internet Explorer 6.02 or higher, Netscape version 7.1 or higher or Mozilla 1.6 or higher. For Mac: OS 10.3.1 or higher, Netscape version 7.1 or higher, Opera 6.03 for the MAC, or Safari version 1.2.1 or higher. Some users have reported a variety of problems when using AOL software. We therefore recommend that one of the other browsers noted above be used to access our catalogue. In any case, we also recommend that you enable JavaScript.

Sometimes I can't login to the catalogue no matter what browser I'm using, why not?

Due to scheduled maintenance, the Library's catalogue (and Tele Access) are unavailable on Friday from 2 - 8 am and Sunday at 11:30 pm until Monday at 8:30 am. The catalogue may also be temporarily unavailable for unscheduled maintenance or problem resolution. These temporary downtimes cannot be predicted. If you are unable to login during times when the catalogue should be available, simply try again a few minutes later. Sometimes you may encounter messages like this:

HTTP ERROR: 404 /ipac20/ipac.jsp Not Found
HTTP ERROR: 500 Internal Server Error

These messages normally mean the Web catalogue is restarting. This takes less than 10 minutes. Use your Refresh button to bring the catalogue back into view in your web browser, or wait a few minutes and try logging in again.

Sometimes when I use my Web browser's "Back" button, I don't get what I expected. Why?

While navigating the catalogue, using your browser's "Back" button may cause you to get an error message. To avoid this problem, instead of using the browser's "Back" button, use the My Searches sub-tab under the Home tab (click on your original search and then click on the item you wanted to see) or click on the browser's Reload/Refresh button to regenerate the page.

I’ve been experiencing problems saving items to “My List” and/or losing the List altogether. What’s going on?

Some customers have reported the loss of their Lists. We are currently working with the software Vendor on a solution to the problem and hope to have an effective resolution soon.

Questions or concerns?

Call (902) 490-5745 during hours when the library is open or e-mail.