Media Release

For immediate release April 8, 2013

Big Cranes Are Back for a Construction Spectacle

Halifax, NS -Halifax Central Library Hits a Milestone in its Construction Tomorrow, on Tuesday, April 9 starting at 9 am (weather permitting), the big cranes are coming back to Spring Garden Road and Queen Street to achieve the next milestone of construction of the Halifax Central Library. The fifth floor overhang, called the cantilever, is being installed in two lifts—one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. As the long, narrow, and orange part of the structure that juts out over the entrance, the cantilever is the most striking and commented upon feature of the Central Library design. It is a prominent part of the Halifax Living Room, and it promises remarkable, previously unseen views of the Citadel and the Halifax Harbour.

Many of the Library’s patrons have been asking when we will be adding this feature and on Tuesday they, and many passers‐by, will be excited to see it happening. It promises to be a construction spectacle! We hope you are able to capture a part of it in action. Michael MacDonald, Project Manager with HRM’s Department of Facility Development, will be on‐site for pre‐booked interviews.

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