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For immediate release February 22, 2013

The New Faces of Halifax
Halifax Public Libraries’ Immigrant Culture & Art Week

Halifax, NS–In a manner similar to a lifestyle magazine trade show, a trio of women are preparing to transform the Keshen Goodman Public Library from March 2-7 with presentations of and conversations about immigrant culture and art.

“We like to break new ground and build new bridges,” says Huwaida Medani, one of three Immigrant Services staff hired by the Halifax Public Libraries for the event. “To do this, we wish to avoid creating a feeling of otherness, of separation. We want to show everyone how our differences add richness to what already exists here in Halifax. In my view, these differences are not authentic they are socially constructed. In essence, we are the same.”

Visitors to the week-long celebration of culture, diversity, and community can expect to experience more than ethnic foods and dancing. There are exhibits of fashion and home décor, as well as demonstrations of alternative medicine and traditional tea service. On opening day (March 2, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.), there is a mix of cultures featured while during the rest of the week from 2-8 p.m. there is a focus on one culture at a time (Persian on Monday, Arabian on Tuesday, Chinese on Wednesday, and Nepali/Bhutanese on Thursday).

“We would feel very successful if presenters walked away feeling a sense of home at the library and if other Canadians left with a feeling of welcome,” says Medani. “Many of us who have chosen Halifax as our new home have been contributing and will continue to contribute to our communities. And we want everyone to recognize and be proud of these offerings.”

Immigrant Culture & Art Week is one part of an outreach effort to local immigrant communities by the Halifax Public Libraries in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. All showcases are free to the public and everyone is welcome. For more information call 490-6423 or email.

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