Junior Chess Tournament Winners of 2018

47 competitors lead to 9 winners for 3 categories

What a competition!

The March Break Junior Chess Tournament was held on Saturday March 10 at the Alderney Gate Public Library.

Players tested their skills and used their accumulated knowledge of strategy in a series of face-offs over March Break.

Here are the results:

Advanced Section

  1. Jonas Dornieden
  2. Dulhan Nairappuwa
  3. Jerjis Kapra *

Intermediate Section

  1. Arnay Kapedia  
  2. Andy Wang *
  3. Omar Shafi *

Beginner Section

  1. Rigden Boyce
  2. Samuel Mateous-gomez
  3. Emma Bryson *

* Present or past member Dartmouth Junior Chess Club

We are proud of all the players who competed. Congratulations to all who placed in each category.

See you next year!


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