Episode 11: You Do You, Mr. Tarantino

Episode 11, April 2019

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This month's It Came From the Second Floor teen podcast hits all the bases, starting out with a look into Deadheads, moving into movie directors, and finishing off with a tasty bite of fast food comparisons.

Part 1: Can Music save your Mortal Soul?
The Grateful Dead 

The Grateful Dead was a band known for its devoted fan base who were affectionately called “Deadheads”. Sam and Emma dive right into how this band fostered a cultural phenomenon and a lasting impact on history. Sam also talks about his personal connection to the band and they both discuss the influence parents have on music taste.

Part 2: In Theatres Now
Exciting Directors Edition 

Lola is feeling chatty and joined by a packed room of special guests including, Emma, Sam, Terry, and Maria. Lola breaks down the most talented directors in film right now. The crew discusses what each filmmaker brings to their work and how they create a distinctive style. This is a fun and passionate discussion.

Part 3 Food Review
A&W vs. Burger King 

Rowan, Link, and Joaquin talk everything fast food establishments, including creepy mascots, kids meal toys, and the most important comparison: SAUCES. Whose chicken tenders are the “bomb.com”? Does a banana split poutine exist?