Super Mario Mushroom Craft Tutorial

Completed Super Mario Mushroom craftCraft by Mary, staff member, Halifax Central Library

Video games? Crafts? Super Mario? Mushrooms? What's not to love?!

Sewing skills

This craft requires basic hand-sewing skills. While we won't go into all of the details here, we will link to some great instructional websites for extra help.

The easiest way to sew this project together is with a Whipstitch, opens a new window which can be used to appliqué a small piece of material on top of a larger piece, or to join the edges of two pieces of material together. A good instruction video for this stitch can be found here, opens a new window.

Image of required suppliesSecond image of supplies needed


If you don’t have these supplies, feel free to get creative and use whatever you have; fabric instead of felt, scraps of felt or fabric for stuffing, even cut out the shapes from paper and layer them for a paper craft. You call the shots!

Step 1: Print or trace the pattern

Use the pattern linked above to print/trace, and then cut out the shapes in the following colours.

Mushroom tops: Red

Mushroom spots: White

Face: Tan

Eyes: Black

The pictures below show all the pieces you should have and how they are layered to create a the mushroom.

Image of cut out pieces of feltImage of cut out felt pieces assembled before sewing

Step 2: Assemble

It is important that we sew our piece together in the right order.

  1. Attach the white spots to one of the red mushroom tops.
  2. Attach the eyes to one of the face pieces.
  3. Sew the front face piece to the front red mushroom top, as well as the blank tan and blank red back pieces together. You should now have only two pieces, the front and back.
  4. Sew the front and back pieces together along the edge, leaving a gap to add stuffing.
  5. Add stuffing through gap and push to edges to fill out.
  6. Finally, sew up the opening.

Image of white spots attached to red mushroom topImage of eyes attached to face pieceImage of front face piece sewn to front red mushroom topImage of the blank tan face piece and blank red mushroom back sewn togetherImage of front and back pieces partially sewn togetherImage of stuffing being added through gap

And you're done! Congratulations on making your own Super Mario Mushroom friend!

If you had fun making a Super Mario Mushroom, try making a Baby Yoda next. Share your fun creations with us on social media @hfxpublib, or let us know how it went in the comments.