Grogu “Baby Yoda” Cardboard Craft Tutorial

Craft by Mary, staff member, Halifax Central Library; inspired by Cardboard Kittens, opens a new window

If he means more to you than anyone will ever know, then this Grogu "Baby Yoda" craft will be the answer to your adorable crafting desires. Enjoy as part of your Mini-Con celebrations, or anytime!


  • Printable template (Download here!)
  • Cardboard or boxboard
  • Tan or beige yarn or string
  • Green and pink crayons
  • Black marker
  • Scissors

Step 1

Print the template. (Don't have a printer? We can help you at Curbside Pick-up - just ask!)

Cut out the main shape and trace template onto cardboard.

To help transfer face details, you can scribble on the back of the template with the side of a pencil and then draw over the lines with the pencil side down and the cardboard underneath. This should leave faint pencil marks of the lines on the cardboard.

Step 2

Cut out Baby Yoda outline from cardboard.

Step 3

Cut slits at hands and along two lines on bottom for stand.

Step 4

Colour front and back green with pink on the ears.

Trace details and fill eyes with black marker.

Step 5

Starting at the neck, wrap the yarn all the way around, making your way to the bottom. Be sure to tuck yarn under slits at the hands and keep the rectangle stand out towards the back, wrapping over the gap to create the cloak. Tuck ends of yarn under the wrapped section to secure.

Step 6

Give your Grogu a hug, and be sure to take a picture and tag us on social media @hfxpublib! We'd love to see him!