Baby Yoda Craft Tutorial

Craft by Mary, Staff member, Halifax Central Library 

Is there anything cuter than Baby Yoda? No. No, there is not. So let's make one.

Sewing skills

This craft requires basic hand-sewing skills. While we won't go deep into the details here, we will link to some great instructional sites if you need help.

The easiest way to sew this project together is with a Whipstitch, opens a new window which can be used to appliqué a small piece of material on top of a larger piece, or to join the edges of two pieces of material together. A good instruction video for this stitch can be found here.

We will also use a basic backstitch, opens a new window to embroider on details.


  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Embroidery thread in white and black for details
  • Stuffing
  • Felt in four colours:
    • Green
    • Tan
    • Black
    • Pink
  • Baby Yoda Pattern, opens a new window (click to download) 

If you don’t have these supplies you can get creative and use what you have; fabric instead of felt, scraps of felt or fabric for stuffing, even cut out the shapes from paper and layer them for a paper craft.

Step 1: Print or trace the pattern

Use the pattern above to print/trace, and then cut out the shapes in the following colours.

Body: Green
Coat and collar: Tan
Eyes: Black
Ears: Pink

Step 2: Assemble

It's important to sew the pieces together in the right order.

  1. Attach the eyes and ears to one of the body pieces.
  2. Attach the left and right collar pieces to one of the coat pieces, making sure to layer the left collar piece over top of the right.
  3. Before you start putting the body together, you can add some embroidered details to Baby Yoda’s face. I’ve added a mouth, nose, and face lines in black and white to the eyes.
  4. Start attaching the back body piece to the front. To make it easier to add stuffing, only sew the ears and top of the head to start and then add stuffing to this section, using a pencil or something similar to help push the stuffing into the ears.
  5. Finish sewing up the sides of the body. Add more stuffing before sewing up the bottom.
  6. Lastly, it’s time to add the coat. Take the front and back coat pieces and sew one side and along the bottom before putting it onto Baby Yoda. Make sure to leave a small gap for his hand to peek through.
  7. Fit the coat around Baby Yoda and finally, sew up the final side and add a few stitches along the collar to keep the coat in place.


Congrats, you’ve finished your Baby Yoda plushie. Protect them at all costs!

We would love to see your cute little creations. Share it with us on social media @hfxpublib, or post a comment here and tell us how it went.