Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Your Library is good for your health. Whether you're attending an online or in-person class, borrowing active living gear, or exploring wellness books, we're proud to be a place you can rely on to take care of your mind and body. Explore the events, resources, and reads below, and do something good for your health today.

Blogs & Resources

5 Tips for Making Self-Care a Priority

Written by Teen Blogger, Parisa | Here are some basic self-care tips you can focus on daily to help you be your healthiest self.

NS Health Authority Patient Education

This guide from the Library Services’ team at NSHA helps you find reliable, current health information that is easy to read and understand.

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow: All About Hair!

Your Library truly is a resource for everyone...and every hair style, type, and interest. Let it flow with these guides, stories, and films.

Health & Wellness Resource Centre

Access a wealth of information on health-related topics including fitness, pregnancy, diseases, treatments, and prescription drugs.

DIY Fabric Masks: We Review 6 Styles

It's difficult to know what masks work, fit snugly, and have simple patterns, so Alison and Sharon tried and critiqued six different ones.

How To: Use Gale's Health & Wellness Resource Center

How do I improve mental health? Are antioxidants effective? What dietary habits are associated with developing diabetes? Ask Gale—learn how.

Activity Time: Yoga for Kids with Claire

Claire from Keshen Goodman Public Library leads you through some calming, simple yoga poses you can do at home with kids.

Meditation: Library Resources for Getting Started

You've probably heard about the benefits of meditation, but might not know where to begin. We have many free resources for you to explore.

COVID-19 Resources for Kids and Parents/Guardians

Here are some mental health and wellness resources for kids from sources that we trust and respect, to help you during this difficult time.

Light Therapy at the Library

During these short and cold days, feel free to (literally) borrow some daylight from us. Learn more about our Light Therapy lamps.

Health & Wellness Events

From parenting support and stress management to tangoing to better balance, feel your best by taking part in these Health & Wellness events.

Health Reference Center Academic

Access periodicals and reference materials on nursing, allied health professions, and general personal health.

Fighting the Blues and Facing the Light

Dexter Nyuurnibe, a student at NSCC, turns to Light Therapy at Halifax Public Libraries to help combat the winter blues.

Cochrane Library

Get informed about your health. Explore databases packed with quality, independent health research summaries—plain language recaps included.

An Emphasis on Food Learning

This fall, the Library welcomed its new Food Literacy Specialist. Learn more about food-based programs and resources at the Library.
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