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I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson - Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 24-Apr-15 09:37
“Some books are just meant to be in each other’s lives.” I’m paraphrasing this line: “Maybe some people are just meant to be in each other’s stories”, from Jandy Nelson’s second YA novel, I’ll Give You the Sun. I believe Nelson is hitting a poignant truth here, but it goes beyond the context of her book and applies to real life, even if it’s something as simple as a book. I believe that some people are meant to read certain books, and those books are meant to change you, make you grow, and see the world with eyes that are no longer foggy.
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We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart - Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 19-Aug-14 15:50
This is a story about a happy group of kids who go to a beach house every year for summer vacation. They laugh and tell ghost stories by the fire. Their parents look on fondly as they reflect on their own childhoods. The grandfather plays chess with the kids, who form healthy bonds with one another. Then, they have a picnic at sunset, and everyone lives happily ever after. The end. I’m lying. You probably guessed that, but here’s why:
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YA Books Being Made Into Movies-Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 25-Jun-14 07:47
It’s been a while, dear readers. So long that you’ve probably run out of books suggestions! In the meantime, though, you might have seen a few advertisements for movies—unless you’re some kind of hermit, in which case no offense was intended.
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The Beginning of Everything - Review by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 07-Apr-14 11:02
Thought-provoking novels that feature smart kids who like to wax philosophical are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, some authors who attempt this type of the coming-of-age tale don’t do it altogether well. Fortunately, Robyn Schneider, author of The Beginning of Everything, is not one of those authors.
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Rainbow Rowell - An Author to Check Out this Year - Article by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 14-Feb-14 10:00
Rainbow Rowell is a name that’s been making the rounds in both critic and book lover circles everywhere. Her first novel, Attachments (which this blogger confesses, with a heavy heart, she has not actually read) was released in 2011. Following that, she wrote two young adult fiction novels, both of which were released in 2013: Eleanor and Park and Fangirl. (Both of which, this blogger has had the pleasure of reading.)
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Favourite Reads of 2013 - Reviews by Various Teen Bloggers

Posted on 14-Jan-14 09:53
We share our favourite reads (both old and new) of 2013.
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Comedy of Errors at Neptune Theatre – Review by Teen Blogger Kathleen

Posted on 12-Nov-13 12:11
A comedy. Of Errors. The title speaks for itself. Or perhaps not. I walked into this play not knowing the plot at all—because although this is arguably one of Shakespeare’s more famous plays, it rarely gets much attention. On the assumption that most of you are teens (and I apologize to my treasured adult readers; I’ll hope you’re not offended) there’s a strong chance you’re not familiar with the plot, either. To summarize: there is a crazy old man, rambling on about twins separated at birth. This is followed by an introduction to the two main, male characters: Dromeo and Antipholous. There is much confusion, and it almost seems that there must be two Dromeos and two Antipholouses, as both of them are completely confused as to what is going on, and are continuously baffled by things the other says. At the end of the play, there is a surprise twist, which ultimately explains the confusion and helps you make sense of the whole show. Still with me?
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Les Best Miserables Hours Ever by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 18-Feb-13 11:34
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two months-no offense intended to my cave dwelling readers-you’ve probably at least seen a preview for Les Miserables. If you’re unlike musical lovers, you might not have dragged yourself to the theatre yet to see it. If you needed any more incentive...
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Stories of War - Reviews by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 13-Nov-12 14:57
I'd like to recall that moment of silence on Remembrance Day. Below are some wonderful stories of war, some fiction and others not, that never fail to strike a chord in me, and I hope they can do that for you, too.
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