The Lucas Family’s Story

It’s a sunny Saturday at Sackville Public Library, and the Lucas family has travelled in from Beaver Bank to post up and do some exploring. Maliah, who is 9, comes in from playing by the Community Garden to join her three brothers. They’ve kicked off their boots and are exploring items from the Library’s Autism Tool Kits, created in partnership with Autism Nova Scotia...
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Teen Books for Everyone Book Club

We're hip to the fact that you're never too old to enjoy teen books. Explore the adventure, heartbreak, and angst of being a teenager with some of today's best YA fiction. This book list features all the 2018-19 picks for Keshen Goodman's Teen Books for Everyone Book Club. Join the club as a member and discuss them all, or simply enjoy these reads on your own. It's up to you—you're an adult, after all!
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LGBTQ+ Health: The Library Guide

Relevant, inclusive health information for members of the LGBTQ+* community, and for healthcare providers, researchers, and those studying to enter into those roles, is a necessity. And yet, it can be hard to find. Through a partnership between Dalhousie Libraries, Nova Scotia Health Authority Library Services, and Halifax Public Libraries, an online guide highlighting LGBTQ+ health resources has been created. LGBTQ+ Health is the happy result of this alliance. 
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The Life-Sized Magic of 3D Printing

On The Big Bang Theory, Howard creates an action figure replication of himself. On Grey's Anatomy, Doctors Yang and Grey create veins and human hearts. In Jurassic Park III, Billy makes a prototype of a resonating chamber (basically the vocal box—or the part that goes “RAWR!”) of a velociraptor. They did it all with the magic of 3D printing. Even though these stories are fictional, 3D printing is very real. Lifelike, actually. And we have 2 MakerBot Replicators (3D printers) at the Library you can witness in action.
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