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Looking to expand your research beyond your everyday search engine? Need to know the latest updates within your field of business? Interested in the latest news from national and local newspapers? With free access to ProQuest, you can access full-text articles from newspapers, trade and scholarly journals, magazines, and other resources.
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It’s Gaming Time

By Aaron, Staff Member, Central Library | Video games…in the library? The very idea can seem completely alien, but it turns out there’s plenty of room for gaming here (and a whole lot more). At many branches of Halifax Public Libraries, you will find gaming consoles and games that are available for use by all patrons ages 19 and under.
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Fake News: Navigating the Chaos

Fake news used to be easy to spot. Who doesn’t remember those tabloid headlines that screamed “Elvis is Alive” or “I was Bigfoot’s Love Slave!” These days it’s a little trickier to discern fact from fiction. It doesn’t help that up to ¾ of us are getting at least some of our news from social media, where fake news runs rampant. This useful infographic and tips from your friendly Library team can help you root through fact and fiction.
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Gaelic Fruitcake: A Recipe Quest

By Joanna, Staff Member, Central Library | The cookbook Nova Scotia Cookery, Then and Now features recipes drawn from the Nova Scotia Archives and modernized by local chefs and food industry specialists. One of the featured recipes in this cookbook is for Lunenburg Fruitcake. I was intrigued by the archival recipe that provided the inspiration: “Gaelic Fruit Cake”, originally created by a Mrs. J. H. Wyman in a local church cookbook called The LaHave Cook Book (1912)... 
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Sorry for Your Loss

Local Art in The Sunroom | On display from April 14 to May 26, 2018 in The Sunroom at Central Library, Sorry For Your Loss is a humourous approach to the idea of loss and similar themes. Combined images attempt to blur the line between fact and fiction. Real and fake events, objects, and people leave the viewer to decide what has been fabricated and what remains true. 
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Meet Libby, by OverDrive

Our staff and customers have been raving about Overdrive’s new app, Libby. A noticeable improvement over the regular OverDrive app, Libby offers a fresh, streamlined experience.  Browsing for books has never been so easy, and borrowing and downloading can be done with a few simple taps. Whether you’re travelling, on-the-go, or e-reading from the comfort…
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