Bedford Community Engagement Sessions

We've been fortunate to chat with many Bedford residents about your Bedford Public Library this month. Let's Talk Libraries - Bedford has given our team opportunities to venture out into Bedford and surrounding areas, with Library pop-up sessions. We've heard from you about the ways you use your space, events and resources you'd like at the Library, and your dreams for the future.
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Fidget Spinners and Fortnite Make Science Fun

STEM is all the rage. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, and experts everywhere have been touting it as a must-have component of education. Lucky for us, a member of our staff wrote the book on STEM programming for libraries. Literally. Chantale Pard is a Youth Services Librarian at Keshen Goodman Public Library and the author of a new book, STEM Programming for all Ages. We're chatting with her to learn more about this STEM-tastic accomplishment.
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The Science of Play Dough

Science Literacy Week in Canada (September 17-23, 2018) is a week-long celebration of science and space—for all ages. Getting creative with play dough is the perfect blend of science, play, and learning. Read on to learn about the science of play dough and how to make your own dough at home.
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Encouraging Curiosity

By Guest Blogger, Sally Marchand, WISEatlantic | Do you remember when you were younger and everything around you seemed so fascinating? Asking your parents and teachers, “why is the sky blue?” or “how do airplanes stay up?”? It seems that for most of us, the older we get, the less curious we are about the world around us.
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The History of Spanish Influenza in Halifax

By Aaron, staff member, Central Library | By the end of Summer 1918, Halifax and Dartmouth were still rebuilding after the deadly Halifax Explosion that claimed nearly 2,000 lives and devastated both communities. Little did anyone foresee the arrival of a deadly illness that would kill more than 50,000 people across Canada before the end of the decade and shut down much of public life in Halifax and Dartmouth for the entire month of October.
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Review: The Alchemist

A review by Teen Blogger, Hannah | The Alchemist is the story of a boy called Santiago who gives up his simple life as a shepherd to pursue his true desire and treasure. Paulo Coelho is a very highly respected author and The Alchemist is considered a masterpiece, highly praised around the world. Which is why I struggled to understand why I took quite a disliking to this book.
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