Halifax V.E. Day Riots: A Resource List

Victory for allied forces in Europe was announced in Halifax on Monday, May 7, 1945. Celebrations were planned to follow this announcement, but several years of tensions between military personnel and civilians resulted in rioting that saw most of downtown Halifax covered in broken glass, and stolen booze. Learn more about the Riots and resources in our collection to grow your knowledge.
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A Reconciliation Reading List

Canada has a long and shameful history in relation to its treatment of Indigenous Peoples. In 2008, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) was established with a mandate to “reveal to Canadians the complex truth about the history and the ongoing legacy of the church-run residential schools…” and to “guide and inspire a process of truth and healing, leading toward reconciliation…” We’ve selected some titles that highlight various issues, discussions and challenges relating to reconciliation. 
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Volunteers Shape Our Library Community

April 7-13, 2019, is Volunteer Appreciation Week at Halifax Public Libraries. Throughout Volunteer Appreciation Week, branches of Halifax Public Libraries are hosting Volunteer Appreciation events to say thank you to our generous volunteers. Our volunteers help shape the community we live in, and have a meaningful impact on people’s lives by dedicating their time to support Library programs and services.
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Hello, Old Friend: Book Returned After Nearly 60 Years

In late December, 2018, Tim Madden stumbled across an overdue Library book in his Ontario home. We mean really overdue. He reached out to Janice Fiander, Manager of (the now named) Alderney Gate Public Library: "I discovered a book in our family library that belongs to “Dartmouth Public Library.” Book ID# 327 P362 , Diplomacy In The Nuclear Age – Lester B. Pearson, 1959. Checked out on Dec 21, 1959 and not returned."
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