Creative Writing: The Angel’s Broken Heart – Part 2


A creative writing piece from teen blogger, Timothy

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Nathan and Daniel walked in silence for a while, following the compass. As they walked, they could hear screams of pain and agony, but the noise's sources were shrouded by the thick fog that had surrounded them, randomly coming across newborn trees as if the land itself was alive. Nathan looked around as he walked, focusing on Daniel’s movements every so often, still wary as he watched, afraid he might still try to kill him.

“If he does try to attack me,” Nathan thought to himself, “I can probably overpower him… then again, his cloak hides his frame, so I can’t be so quick to judge…” As Nathan watched Daniel’s swift movements, he found himself lost in thought, admiring the design and craftsmanship of Daniel’s cloak, unaware that he was staring.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Daniel’s stern voice cut through Nathan’s thoughts like a knife, “I know what you’re thinking, I can feel your eyes staring at me.”

Nathan’s eyes widened, his cheeks flushing red with embarrassment as he scanned their surroundings. “Y-yeah…. Sorry,” Nathan stuttered, wishing he hadn’t said anything

“It’s fine,” Daniel’s voice softened, slightly shocked by the interest in his art. “I enjoy it when people admire my work.” Daniel carefully turned, smiling.

Nathan smiled back after a moment, his eyes widening in horror as a flash of shadow quickly tackled Daniel, pinning him to the ground. As Nathan stood in shock, he watched the snarling beast fighting with Daniel as he silently analyzed it. The beast that had attacked Daniel looked like a cross between a lion, and a bear - pitch black fur, as thick and strong as titanium. The beast's shoulders were broad, and it’s eyes as dark as midnight, hungry to feast on the moon. But even worse were the beast's teeth, sharper than a diamond, stained red from blood. As the creature tried to swipe at Daniel’s face, it’s fur began to emit a pitch black aura, sending waves of fear towards Nathan.

Nathan watched as Daniel struggled with the beast, unable to move, standing frozen in terror as the beast snarled, showing it’s pointed red fangs as it lunged at Daniel’s head; an easy target. After a moment, Nathan’s found his composure, adrenaline coursing through his veins, and charged the beast, his sword shaking in his hands , yelling taunts at the beast as it fought with Daniel, the arm of his scythe the only thing protecting him from the black maw of the ferocious monster.  As Nathan’s sword hit the beast’s thick skin, it made a screeching sound as it was repelled back towards Nathan. “Whoah! What the hell?” Nathan said, surprised as his sword swung back towards him, narrowly missing his face.

Daniel did his best to push back against the monster, quickly losing his advantage, his ribs being crushed as he yelled out to Nathan, just barely audible over the monsters growls and snarls  “Hit it’s stomach!”

Nathan heard Daniel’s advice and nodded, quickly thinking of ways to access the belly of the beast, pacing around the monster as he tried to find the best angle. “Hold still, “ Nathan shouted back to Daniel. “I don’t want to accidentally hit you.” Nathan quickly ran at the beast, sliding underneath of it at the last second, stabbing his sword deep into the monster’s fleshy underbelly. Unfortunately, just as he cut through the beast, it swung it’s massive claws towards Daniel, ripping into his stomach and left leg and leaving deep gashes. As Nathan reached the other side of the beast, he stood up and looked behind him, feeling light-headed as he watched the once massive creature dissolve into black dust and scatter in the sudden gust of wind, leaving nothing but a wounded Daniel behind, slowly bleeding out.  When Nathan saw Daniel wasn’t moving he ran over to him, praying that he was okay, but what he found surprised him. “You’re cut, but there’s no blood,” Nathan began, trying to figure out what it was that he was looking at. “How is that possible?”

Daniel laughed softly, coughing to his side as he answered. “It’s fine. My magic stopped the bleeding so there’s no need to worry.” Nathan quietly offered Daniel his hand, helping him stand.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Nathan said, still worried as he watched Daniel wince in pain as he tried to keep his weight off his left leg.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Daniel replied, faking a smile. “Lets just hope we don’t get attacked again.”

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you,“ Nathan said, “You’re likely to jinx us…”.

Daniel frowned as he bit his lip, mentally slapping himself as soon as the words left his mouth. “Oh… sorry.”

Nathan smiled softly, trying to encourage Daniel as he replied, “It’s fine, but we had better get movin-” Nathan stopped short as he heard a horrifying scream echo through the vast wasteland of red, causing his adrenaline to kick in once again.

Daniel nodded slowly, leaning on Nathan for support as they began to move again, pressing his free hand against the deep gashes in his abdomen. The pair walked in silence for a while before Nathan’s voice cut through Daniel’s thoughts, “So what was that weird creature?” Nathan probed, curious as to what it was they were up against.

“That was a sort of,” Daniel stopped for a moment to think. “I guess what you might call a chimera; a cross between multiple species caused by adaptations or experiments, but one of that species is only the very least of our worries”.

Nathan frowned, thinking about how dangerous that ‘lower-ranking’ monster had been before replying. “I can’t imagine what the most dangerous chimeras would be like if that one alone almost killed us…”

Daniel laughed, coughing as he clutched his stomach before responding in shaky breaths, “You and me both”

Nathan stopped walking, looking at Daniel with a look of concern on his face, “I think we should stop to rest,” Nathan listened for a moment before finishing his sentence. “I haven’t heard anything in awhile, so I think we’re safe for now.”

Daniel stopped, not looking at Nathan as he spoke, afraid that if he did Nathan would see through his lie. “I’m fine, let’s keep-” Daniel was cut short by another fit of broken, painful coughing.

Nathan frowned, noticing how pale Daniel’s face had become, almost as if he was slowly fading away. “Liar,” Nathan said, raising his voice slightly. “I may not have known you for very long, but I know you need rest”.

Daniel grimaced as he looked down at his feet, feeling a wave of nausea begin to overtake him, reaching out for Nathan to balance himself. “Fine,” Daniel said, looking up at Nathan. “I do need rest, but I don’t want to get you killed because of my weakness” .

Nathan tossed his head back, laughing quietly to himself before looking down at him. “Daniel, you don’t need to worry about that, I trust you to get us through this horrible place in one piece, and I hope you trust me just as much”

Daniel smiled, nodding as he made eye-contact with Nathan. “I trust you too,” Daniel began. “Thank you for stopping to let me rest-” Daniel  suddenly slumped forward, narrowly missing the ground as Nathan caught him, carefully moving him to a safer spot to rest.

As a few hours passed by, Nathan watched over Daniel, still worried about his wounds that had never bled, wondering what sort of weird powers were at work behind the scenes of this weird world he was caught up in, his eyes growing heavy. Nathan took one last look around their surroundings, and at the peacefully sleeping Daniel beside him before falling asleep himself.

Yet little did he know that his life would change forever because he trusted Daniel… be continued in Part 3!

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