10 Reasons to Love Your Library

Written by Leah, staff member, Service Excellence Team

In case you needed a reminder of all the positive ways your Library can contribute to your life, we've pulled together a little self-love list for you. We're not shy! 

10. You can check out an instrument.

Have you always wanted to learn to play the djembe? What about the banjo? Well, now‘s your chance! Thanks to a grant from Sun Life Financial, you can borrow more than 25 different instruments from your Library; everything from a guitar or keyboard to a violin.

9. You can attend a live performance.

Whether you want to attend a recital by Symphony Nova Scotia, take part in an interactive dance show, or listen to a beautiful concert of holiday carols, look no further than your Library. Halifax Public Libraries is proud to welcome hundreds of stunning performances each year, and we invite you to attend every one your heart desires.

8. Kids and teens can read away their fines.

Do you find your kids racking up library fines because they just can’t bear to return their favourite book? Read Away Your Fines, opens a new window is a free and easy way for kids aged 5-17 to clear their fines simply by reading in the Library. Sorry grown-ups, this program is just for kids! But, every now and then we do a Go Fine Free campaign, where people of all ages can visit the Library to clear their fines!

7. We don't have what you’re looking for? Interlibrary Loan it!

Despite having more than 720,000 items in our branches, we recognize that we might not always have the exact title you’re looking for. In order to get you that perfect book, we suggest placing an Interlibrary Loan. After placing an Interlibrary Loan, our staff will scour libraries across Canada looking for your book or movie (and we’ve got a pretty good success rate!).

6. You can read your favourite book or magazine online.

It can be so difficult to find the magazine you want to read and, when you do, they can often be super expensive. But, with your library card you can check out hundreds of full-colour magazines at absolutely no cost. Or, you can read them online via our OverDrive E-Magazines account. More of a book reader? Try Libby, hoopla, or OverDrive to find your next great e-book read.

5. Attend a fun kids’ program.

Does your child love cooking? We’ve got it programs for that! Crafting? We do that too! Anime, science, or board games? Yes, yes, and yes! Whether your child is 2 years old or 17 years old, we have a program for them. From Baby’s First Books and Tales for Tots to Teen Zone and After School Drop In, we have tons of weekly and specialty programs that are sure to entice and entertain your child. They won’t even realize they’re learning…

4. Search our online databases to answer all your burning questions.

Have you noticed that a lot of guides and encyclopedias are moving online? So have we, which is why we have done our best to make as many available to you as we can. Whether you’re looking for Chilton Car Repair Manuals, The Canadian Encyclopedia, , opens a new windowor even Consumer Reports, you can find what you’re looking for on our website using just your library card.

3. You can learn to cook new and exciting food.

We know how important food is for bringing people together in our community. Think about it; whether it’s a holiday, someone’s birthday, or a special event, what is at the centre of it all? Food! Which is why we are excited to help you learn how to make healthy and delicious meals at your Library. Roll your own sushi, bake up a storm, or learn to can and ferment your garden vegetables; we are excited to go on a food journey with you!

2. The amazing and knowledgeable staff.

Whether it’s the person leading your knitting group, the staff member helping you find that perfect book, or the answer to your obscure question (we’ve heard them all!), our staff aim to put a smile on the face of everyone who walks through our doors. With more than 450 staff members working in a variety of positions across 14 branches, we work hard to answer your questions and make everyone feel welcome. We think it’s safe to say that Halifax Public Libraries would not be the friendly and welcoming place that it is if it weren’t for the people who work here.

1. Everything is free!

Where else can you go where you don’t have to pay to attend English lessons? To learn to cook? To record in a professional studio? To borrow a radon detector, DVDs, and as many books as you can read? To hear world class authors speak? We can’t think of anywhere! We are so proud that Halifax Public Libraries continues to offer services and resources to the community free of charge, and we hope you’ll take advantage of all of the wonderful things your (free) library card offers. Because, in the immortal words of Arthur the aardvark: “having fun isn’t hard, when you’ve got a library card!”